014 – From Boulder, Colorado to Bolder, Limerick

Workbench Limerick has been open for a few weeks, Pat gives an update about how it’s going. Thomas talks about the iOS developer meetup he’s involved in, and the importance of ‘bottom up’ tech communities in startup ecosystems. We discuss the lessons of Brad Feld’s work in Boulder, Colorado. We discuss Phorest CEO Ronan Perceval’s appearance at Startup Grind Limerick, and the advantages of bootstrapping. What would a startup ecosystem focused on building lasting businesses like Phorest look like? Finally we discuss the filter bubbles and the role of tech in the light of recent political events.


013 – You lost me at ‘UNIX underpinnings’

Thomas is on the hunt for a vintage Apple keyboard, designed in Limerick. We discuss Apple’s new MacBook Pros. Pat contemplates the upcoming US Presidential handover from a social media perspective and the White House’s plans for archiving President Obama’s social media activity. How prevalent is ageism in tech? Twitter discontinues Vine. Thomas is sad that he’s not at the Úll conference in Killarney, and wonders if regional Irish towns and cities can successfully host niche technical conferences.


012 – Live from Workbench

We recorded this episode at Bank of Ireland Workbench Limerick to celebrate its opening. Pat gives a behind-the-scenes insight into the creation of this dedicated space for startups in the middle of Limerick City. We discuss the CEO of Accuvio Adrian Fleming’s appearance on Startup Grind, hiring strategies for software developers, and the challenges of (re)naming your company. Sean Blanchfield from PageFair’s appearance at Startup Grind Dublin leads to a discussion about the adblocking arms race.


011 – Trust/Estonia

We discuss the insights given by Limerick native Fergus Gloster (founding director, Salesforce Europe) at last month’s Startup Grind event. Google announces a change in smartphone strategy – who will win the new ecosystem wars? Why Spotify might buy SoundCloud. Google Ireland boss Ronan Harris suggests that Ireland should follow Estonia’s lead and fully embrace digital government – why is Estonia a world leader in tech adoption in government?


010 – That thirty dollars includes Kim Kardashian and the Pope

Pat has iOS upgrade woes. Serendipity and Twitter: how a chance tweet put Mayo-based Colmac Robotics on the map with a computerised handbag. We discuss Alan Gleeson’s medium post summarising key take-aways from the inaugural SaaStock. Who will buy Twitter, Salesforce or Google, and what difference would it make to the service? We discuss some feedback from our last episode discussing cord cutting, including Olivia O’Sullivan’s Android set-top box, and RTE Player woes.

009 – A Digital Jiminy Cricket

New iPhones and Apple Watches and Apple’s updates to iOS, getting rid of cash and the future of payments, WhatsApp giving your phone number to Facebook, and the relaunch of Limerick’s Fab Lab.


008 – Don’t Stop the Music / Break It Off

Spotify’s losses are increasing year-on-year. Can they find a way to profitability? We also discuss whether startups should take every user they can get.


007 – Tech can leave you stranded

This week we discuss Delta Airlines’ outage from a few weeks ago that left so many passengers stranded. Are critical pieces of our infrastructure relying on outdated technology? We have an extended discussion about the culture of Twitter, its attitude towards abuse, and its role in enforcing the IOC’s Article 40 during Rio 2016. Finally we discuss Uber’s efforts to enter the Irish market, and the natural tension between disruption and regulation.


006 – Mining CAO Data & What’s The Story with Instagram v Snapchat

On the week that tens of thousands of school leavers receive their first offers from the Irish government’s Central Applications Office, we discuss an interesting statistical analysis of the CAO Points System by Glenn Moynihan.

As Facebook respond head on to rival Snapchat’s Stories feature a very similar feature by Instagram we talk about this and the relative chances of survival of these and other social platforms.

Finally we talk about the incoming Upstart Festival happening at the RDS Dublin in October, and the Irish Regional Pitch events happening in Limerick, Cork, Dublin & Galway. This is the 4th Upstart festival, which was founded in Amsterdam by Limerick native, Paul O’Connell – Not that one, another POC!


005 – Handups and Hands Up

This week we discuss an article by DC Cahalane on how the Irish government should be helping startups to grow. We explore some ideas about the good and bad ways to build an ecosystem that encourages startup growth. We discuss two articles by Mark Scully and Kevin Holler outlining the shutting down of their startups, and confronting issues of mental health with startup founders.